Access to education – our impact at JUMP

Empty classroom with rows of chairs and tables. A green chalkboard at the front of the room has text on it reading:

Access to education is so important to many young people on our JUMP project. Getting back into school or school is often a priority – with many having been forced to miss out on education on their journey to safety.

The impacts of education are clear. It can play a crucial role in helping our young people integrate into their new lives in the UK, make friends, and gain new skills. Critically, it also helps develop confidence, empowering our young people to thrive in their future.

So, imagine the frustration of not being able to benefit from an education. Sadly, many asylum seekers and refugees in the UK continue to face barriers to enrolling and staying in education.

At JUMP, we’re proud to help our young people to overcome these challenges. We’ve connected young people with tutors, helped find childcare so they can continue with their studies and funded travel expenses to their colleges. And in the pandemic, we ensured that they were digitally included by providing them with laptops and data so they could continue to attend classes. We’re delighted to be continuing these efforts through our new partnership with Screenshare, which will distribute two laptops each month.

Our work continues in 2024 – and last week the JUMP team were in action again, advocating to ensure a disabled young person could remain in college. Following a surgery and numerous medical interventions and appointments, the young person’s college had informed them that their attendance was now too low to stay enrolled. This was no fault of the young person – who remains very keen to continue with their education. Our team acted to organise a meeting with the college and met with the young person’s teachers to discuss how the college can better support students with additional healthcare and disability needs.

We’re delighted to say that the young person is now re-enrolled – and is due to start back at college and continue benefiting from his classes.

At HIAS+JCORE, we’re so proud of the impact JUMP has. And if you’d like to get involved and find out more, click here to get involved.