#Together We Can


bring refugee families together

bring the Jewish community together

bring other communities together

The last few years have been a bruising time, with divisions over Brexit and a rise in all forms of racism. We now need to unite and to strengthen our relationship with all communities.

Together, we can better put our shared Jewish experience to work for social justice in Britain.

Here are three simple suggestions — but do come up with your own and share them with us #togetherwecan.


 Ask your MP to support a policy of reuniting refugee families.

As part of the Brexit Bill, the UK has pulled out of the agreement which enabled refugee children—up to 2000 young people in mainland Europe—to apply to be reunited with family members already in the UK. 

The government claims its policy hasn’t changed, but refugee agencies are concerned.

So we will be monitoring this carefully and asking you to put further pressure on your MP. Keep an eye out for our emails and/or posts on Facebook and twitter.


Jewish community:    

Create networks—families, friends, colleagues—to stand up to all forms of prejudice and racism.

Ensure a strong Jewish voice against any form of racism—call it out,

Support those affected by it, 

Set up a WhatsApp group to respond to it and write to the press. 


Other communities:

Support a permanent memorial to the victims of the transatlantic slave trade so that this part of British history is properly commemorated for generations to come.

Since 2007 members of the Black community have been campaigning for a memorial to the victims of the transatlantic slave trade to be erected. They had a site earmarked in Hyde Park but it was lost because they didn’t have the £4m needed to build it.


Please sign the petition for the government to provide funding for this important memorial, which is an important part of British history which needs to be commemorated.

Slavery memorial.jpg