Sukkot 4 SUFRA
Sukkot appeal.jpg

The festival of Sukkot (this year 14th to 21st October) is a time when we remember our ancestor’s journey of refuge from Egypt and how they were protected us from the heat of the sun.


Unfortunately today’s refugees receive little protection upon arrival in the UK with the’ lucky ones’ made to survive on £5 per day. Access to soup kitchens is often restricted to asylum seekers until their refugee status has been approved, which can itself take years, with most applications being refused.

One exception to this is the SUFRA food bank and kitchen in Neasden, North West London which not only welcomes asylum seekers to their soup kitchen but also run programmes to help them integrate and regain control over their lives.

This Sukkot we are asking you to help us by donating to SUFRA’s food bank and kitchen. All of the money raised will be used to purchase much needed food for refugees and asylum seekers.

(If you don't see a donation form below, click here to donate via our CAF page).