Young members of the Jewish community unite in support of refugees and asylum seekers

A call for the Jewish community to unite in support of refugees and asylum seekers was

discussed at the launch event (Monday 12 October 2020) of a new youth committee for the

Jewish Council on Racial Equality (JCORE).

Over 50 young Jews joined the virtual event for a cooking class led by Ahmad, founder of the

Aleppo Supper Club. Ahmad, a refugee from Syria, taught the participants how to make a range

of traditional Syrian dishes, including baba ganoush and a halloumi salad. Ahmad inspired the

group by sharing his story, detailing his life in Aleppo and his journey from Syria to the UK,

similar to the journey that many other asylum seekers are taking right now. Ahmad also

discussed the challenges he faced when he arrived in the UK as well as the compassion he was

shown by those who wanted to help.

The group of young Jews were rallied to support humane and compassionate policy and

narrative towards asylum seekers, and oppose the government’s increasingly hostile

environment. Participants were encouraged to sign petitions and write to their MPs to support

the Alf Dubs’ family reunification amendment to the Immigration Bill (which protects family

reunion rules for refugees after Brexit).

Rachel Rose and Rebecca Moss, co-chairs of the Young JCORE committee, said:

“Our launch event aimed to support refugees and asylum seekers by amplifying their voices,

understanding the challenges they have faced and continue to face, and shining a light on their

livelihoods here in the UK. The Jewish community has a particular responsibility to advocate for

refugees and asylum seekers, given the history of many Jewish people as refugees and the

Jewish values of providing sanctuary and shelter. We hope that our event inspired everyone

who took part to take an active role in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in their