Tell the government - 50 is not enough

Our community continues to watch in horror the appalling scenes and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. This weekend, it emerged that the UK has so far granted only 50 visas to Ukrainian refugees, while, reportedly, three times as many have been turned back at Calais for lack of one. As a community with a long history of seeking refuge, it is crucial that we speak out now for those in urgent need of sanctuary. So please take action today:

  • Sign our open letter to the Prime Minister, telling him 50 is not enough and that the UK must step up to help refugees.

  • Write to your MP, urging them to back calls for the UK to take more refugees, and to support the amendments to the Nationality and Borders Bill which were approved by the House of Lords last week.

  • Support our work protecting the rights of refugees from around the world.

Read on for more about these important victories against a disgraceful piece of legislation.Thank you! The fight against the Borders Bill: big victories in the House of Lords Thanks to the sustained efforts of campaigners, including strong voices from the Jewish community, peers last week voted down many of the bill’s most egregious elements. Thank you to everyone who used our template letter to contact a Jewish peer ahead of last week’s Report stage vote. Victories in the Lords included peers rejecting proposals which would grant the Home Secretary powers to strip people of their British citizenship without informing them (Clause 9), and voting down plans which would create a two-tier asylum system (Clause 11). Crucially, members also voted in favour of three key amendments: to introduce an annual resettlement target of at least 10,000 refugees; to create an essential, new safe route for unaccompanied child refugees in Europe; and to grant the right to work to asylum-seekers whose cases have not been heard for six months. The government has been sent a clear message: the bill's proposals are shameful and completely unacceptable. MPs must take this opportunity to rethink and act to save refugee rights. We will be in touch again ahead of the bill’s return to the House of Commons later this month, with further actions you can take to continue the fight against this abhorrent legislation.