Statement on BoD vote

The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) is dismayed that the members of the Board of Deputies failed last night to give it the two-thirds majority vote needed to elect JCORE as a member organisation, and is saddened that the Board didn’t see fit to welcome the community’s voice on race and asylum into its membership. JCORE is the leading Jewish voice on these issues, and will continue to be that leading voice. JCORE is committed to ensuring that its work, which represents the very best of the Jewish community in the fields of race and asylum, remains a focal issue for the Board of Deputies. Our work represents the best of Jewish values, helping to forge a positive Jewish identity. This is particularly important for those young Jews who feel otherwise distanced from the community.

Adam Rose, Chair of JCORE, who presented JCORE's case for admission stated:

"It was extremely disappointing that certain deputies felt it appropriate to make misleading allegations, thus encouraging enough deputies to block JCORE's membership application. I was pleased that a majority of deputies backed JCORE's application for membership. JCORE will continue to work closely with the Board, with widespread support from across the Jewish community and beyond, to ensure that its work for good race relations and for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers continues."