Jews for Safe Passage for Afghan Refugees

We have watched with shock and horror the situation in Afghanistan and the desperation of many who are trying to flee to safety. Since the Taliban have taken over the country, thousands are at risk of persecution including women, activists, the LGBTQI community, anyone with an affiliation to the prior government and Western countries or international organisations and many more…

JCORE has always been a Jewish voice for equality and justice. Today, in collaboration with Jewish News and Refugee Trauma Initiative, we’re raising our voice again and launching a campaign in support of the safe passage of Afghans at risk. The UK has a long history of welcoming those at risk, including of course the Kindertransport in the late 1930s. Members of the Jewish community will have seen the images of parents handing their children over barbed wire into the care of strangers at Kabul airport and been reminded of the choices many of our ancestors had to make.

We’re asking the government to do four things:

1. Establish humanitarian corridors for the safe evacuation of those at risk

2. Work with communities, charitable organisations and other groups to assist in the resettlement of Afghan refugees in the UK.

3. Commit to the protection of Afghan refugees who are in the UK

4. Immediately remove the Nationality and Borders bill so that unofficial arrivals to the UK are not criminalized.


You can support the campaign in a number of ways:

1. Write to your MP and tell them you support the evacuation and resettlement of vulnerable Afghans

2. Reach out to your family, friends and contacts in the US and ask them to contact their representatives too,

3. Donate to organisations who are supporting Afghans, such as the JCORE’s appeal:

4. Prepare donations and offer support to welcome refugees arriving in the UKconsider if you can welcome a refugee in your home

5. Sign our letter to the Prime Minister

Please join us in standing together and saying: Afghans are welcome in our community.