Jewish community protest on Dubs at the Kindertransport memorial at Liverpool Street Station

Members of the Jewish community hold a demo at the Kindertransport memorial.

Ahead of the critical vote on Wednesday to determine the future of the Dubs scheme, JCORE organised a demonstration at the site of Kindertransport memorial at Liverpool Street Station. This is part of its campaign to persuade the Government to reverse the decision to halt the scheme and bring only 350 lone child refugees to the UK.

Speaking at the demonstration, Rabbi Herschel Gluck OBE, said: "As a son of a mother whose life was, Thank G-d, saved together with 10,000 other "Kindertransport" children, one has a special empathy, understanding and duty to seek to ensure that today's refugee children who are in very real and grave danger be immediately granted refuge and be reunited with their families, as advocated by Lord Dubs, himself a "Kindertransport" survivor."

Rabbi Alex Wright said: "This memorial reminds us that 10,000 unaccompanied children came to this country before the outbreak of the Second World War. Britain offered a sanctuary; it offered hospitality, and a chance for children to live their lives with hope for their future. Today, in 2017 we are asking Britain to do the same for those who have fled war, persecution and terror."

This was the third demonstration by JCORE to ask the Government to Let the Children In; it comes after the government announced they were ending the Dubs scheme to relocate vulnerable child refugees. JCORE is asking people to write to their MPs ahead of Wednesday’s vote in order to keep the Dubs scheme open.

Below are photos from our protest at Liverpool Street on 26th February.