Statement on the decision of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) not to undertake a fo

The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) understands the disappointment felt by many in the Muslim community as a result of the decision taken by the EHRC not to undertake its own formal investigation into the serious allegations of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party at this stage.

We support the Muslim community in the call for a full and independent inquiry into allegations of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. We note that the Conservative Party has set up its own investigation into all forms of prejudice and discrimination among its members and we call on the Party to ensure that full and unimpaired access is given to all relevant people and documents in order to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out and that regular updates are provided. Whatever the published findings of that inquiry, we would expect the EHRC to monitor progress on the inquiry closely and, if the inquiry proves inadequate or unsatisfactory, we would urge the EHRC to launch its own formal investigation.

JCORE's position is simple: no political party should provide a home for racists or racism.