Statement on points-based immigration system

JCORE views with much concern today's announcement and that this policy will not meet the needs of the country.

The way this new policy is being presented is making a statement that these individuals are just economic commodities, wanted only for their skills and not for any cultural or social benefit that they bring to the country.

As others have pointed out, how many of our ancestors would have been able to come to Britain under such strict language and income requirements?

This policy does not address the issue of welcoming refugees, nor how asylum seekers will be supported. There is also concern that using short term visas for seasonal workers might well make these individuals much more vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Additionally we need to ask how this new system will meet the needs of a social care system which is already under enormous strain as it is unlikely that it would allow the number of care workers which are needed, currently 23% of care workers are born outside of the UK. Why is the government introducing a policy that could exacerbate the acute shortages in the care system which already stand at around 122,000?

What we need is to go back to the drawing board immediately and devise clear, fair and transparent policies which show a Britain that is aware of what benefits immigration brings to the nation.