Windush Ignored

The following letter was printed in the Jewish Chronicle on 14th February 2020.

We view with much concern the deportations back to Jamaica of people who have lived most of their lives in the UK, as most came here as children.

According to Amelia Gentleman, the journalist most responsible for exposing the Windrush scandal, to date only 36 Windrush victims have received compensation of the 11,000 who may be eligible. One would have thought the government would have taken due care and diligence before going ahead with this latest batch of controversial deportations of offenders, a number of whom completed short sentences some years ago and were well on the path to rehabilitation in their communities. Instead they have been torn from their families and face risks to their personal safety at their destination. It is a move which may well exacerbate tension within our already fragile multi-racial society for the benefit of political grandstanding.

We in the Jewish community are rightly concerned with racism displayed within political parties. Now is the time for our community to make its voice heard. We implore the government to sit down with a range of organisations and ensure its treatment of people who have grown up and live here in the UK is fair and transparent, and that the voices of communities most affected by the Windrush scandal are being listened to.