Statement on the government's decision to end guarantees for refugee family reunification

Responding the news that the government want to strip out guarantees to reunite refugee families after Brexit, Dr Edie Friedman, Executive Director of The Jewish Council for Racial Equality, JCORE said:

“We at JCORE, along with many colleagues in the refugee sector and I am sure many others, are shocked that one of the first pieces of proposed legislation of the new government is directed at one of the most vulnerable groups in society; young refugees who are desperate to be reunited with family members.

This measure will not stop young refugees from trying to come to Britain but is likely to result in them taking increasingly dangerous routes to do so, putting them at the mercy of traffickers and people smugglers. This certainly feels like an extension of the hostile environment which we had hoped was a policy of the past.

We call upon the government to immediately reverse this decision and put into place safe and legal routes for these young people seeking to rebuild their lives in the UK. This surely would be a mark of a compassionate and forward looking society”.