Trump Demo - Trafalgar Square

Click here to see our executive director, Edie Friedman speaking at the Trump Demo in Trafalgar Square in 13th July.

Below is the text of her speech:

  • As an American living in the UK, I want to say that we need to stand in solidarity with those millions of Americans who can no longerrecognise their country.

  • Only this morning, a friend from the States wrote: “On behalf of my fellow countrymen, I want to apologise to you all” and described her president’s actions as “frightening beyond all words”.

  • At JCORE, The Jewish Council for Racial Equality, we have campaigned for over forty years for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and against all forms of racism.

  • Along with others in the antiracist community, we were shocked by the tone of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his subsequent behaviour.

  • We in the Jewish community know all too well what happens when people are not treated as individuals but demonised because of their specific nationality or religion. We combat demonisation best, when we work together.

  • That’s why I’m particularly gratified to see Muslim and Jewish organisations joining together in both the US and the UK to combat race hate and to welcome refugees.

  • Here, our Young Neighbours initiative has brought young Muslims and Jews together to provide practical support for asylum seekers and refugees in Calais.

  • We need, as a response to Trump and to our government, to reinvigorate the refugee welcome movement and make sure that Britain honours its commitment to a fair asylum system, so people can have safe and legal routes to come to Britain and live here with dignity.

  • Mr Trump, you say that here in Britain, we agree with your views on immigration. Well, we’ve got news for you: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • When you turn your back on the American tradition of welcoming refugees, as my grandparents were welcomed nearly a century ago: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • When you demonise Muslims, Africans, Mexicans and others from Central America: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • When your policies mean that toddlers are separated from their families and may never see their parents again: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • When you claim that there were good people among the racists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • And when, through your statements and policies you help to normalise the rising tide of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • In short, Mr Trump: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US.

  • Thank you.