Executive Director of JCORE welcomes new Home Office announcement

Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme

Graphic courtesy of the Home Office

Dr Edie Friedman, Executive Director of JCORE welcomes the new announcement from the Home Office that the Syrian refugee resettlement programme, under which 20,000 vulnerable people are to be brought to Britain by 2020, is to be expanded to include other nationalities caught up in the crisis.

Edie said: "We welcome this news as it recognises the complexity of the situation in Syria, where a number of different people of different nationalities are also affected by this horrendous conflict."

However Edie is disappointed with the slow progress of the Home Office in relocating children eligible under the 'Dubs scheme'

"It is disappointing to learn that only 200 (of the promised 480) 'Dubs children' have come to Britain given the appalling conditions many of the unaccompanied young people are facing. We have to wonder why it is taking so long to help these children, especially when local authorities have come forward and offered to provide for these children and over 1,000 additional children under Dubs."