Amir's Story

When Amir was younger, his dream was to come to the UK to complete his studies in university. He wanted to come here legally to study and to live. Amir is a 17 year old Syrian refugee who is living in London. In some regards he is living his dream, but it didn’t come about the way he expected.

Before the war he lived a normal life in the centre of Aleppo. He left in 2015 when the entire city was a key battleground forces, rebels and jihadists. The war was unavoidable, even as an innocent bystander. Men under 18 are pressured into fighting in the war, with the all sides looking for soldiers. So Amir fled and began his journey to London. He describes how dangerous and scary it was to travel from Syria to Calais.

Now in London, Amir speaks of the bad press that is directed at refugees: 'It's no problem because they didn't know refugees personally, they never met any refugee, they didn't know anything about the refugee, they just hear from the news.'

We feel that Britain is at its best when it helps young refugees like Amir. But recently the Dubs scheme, one of the only safe and legal routes for refugees to be relocated to the UK, was shut. This refugee week, if you feel that Britain should help more vulnerable refugees like Amir, join our '#LetTheChildrenIn! campaign'.