Britain to welcome 130 more refugee children through Dubs scheme

JCORE responds to today’s Written Ministerial Statement from the Home Office that 130 more unaccompanied child refugees will be brought to Britain under the Dubs scheme.

Campaigners were expecting up to 3,000 vulnerable young people to be brought to Britain under the new legislation enacted in last year.

But the Government announced in February that just 350 children will benefit. This latest announcement will bring the total to 480.

Dr Edie Friedman, chief executive of JCORE, says:

"It is welcome news that 130 more vulnerable young children will be saved under the Dubs scheme, but It is certainly very worrying how an admin error can endanger so many children. In the run up to the election we hope all parties can commit to helping refugees and continue Britain's proud record of helping those in need".