This is Aaminah's Story: 

In 2015,  along with her brother, Ahmed, and her mother and father, Aaminah left Syria. 

Paying traffickers along the route, the family commenced their journey to Europe. In September  of the same year, the rubber vessel that was carrying Aaminah and her family, along with 45 other refugees, capsized.


Aaminah, a strong swimmer, tried desperately to reach out for her parents but to no avail. Aaminah’s mother and father drowned. Aaminah and Ahmed survived.

Aaminah is now like a mother to Ahmed, she has helped him mourn the loss his parents. 

But no-one has helped her.  

She blames herself for their death; it was she who encouraged them to make the crossing. She suffers constant flashbacks to the boat capsizing. She speaks little English. She is bewilderingly depressed. 

Yet, Aaminah has a strong sense of responsibility for her brother and is determined to make her parents proud. She wants to begin the process of talking about her grief in the hope that she will be able to move on with her life. She dreams of becoming a scientist.

Aaminah's story is representative of the people this project will help.