International Jewish refugee manifesto

In response to figures showing that a record 79.5 million people are now forcibly displaced worldwide, JCORE has launched an international Jewish manifesto outlining twelve actions that governments across the world must take for refugees and asylum seekers in the next year. 


These include urging wealthier countries to take greater responsibility for refugee resettlement, calling for an end to the vilification of refugees and condemning the practice of immigration detention for minors.

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The manifesto calls for governments worldwide to

1. Protect asylum seekers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
2. Commit to future international measures to protect people displaced by climate change.
3. Treat asylum seekers, refugees and those who support them with dignity.
4. Ensure that safe and legal routes are available to asylum seekers and refugees.
5. Provide fair, timely and transparent asylum systems.
6. Commit to a settlement program for unaccompanied child refugees.
7. Take greater responsibility for refugee resettlement.
8. Protect asylum seekers from abuse, exploitation and unjust treatment.
9. Ensure that child refugees have the right to education.
10. Ensure that asylum seekers and refugees are housed in safe, sanitary and suitable accommodation.
11. Stop deporting asylum seekers to unsafe locations.
12. End the detention of underage asylum seekers.

Take action

CLICK HERE to sign and endorse the manifesto as an organization.

Download a PDF copy for further details and information on how your community can get involved with the campaign.

Manifesto point six: Commit to a settlement program for unaccompanied child refugees, May 2021.


Further resources and sources of information

The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is a great source for global information, research and reports. UNHCR have personnel in 135 countries worldwide. Find out about their work in your country.

Many Jewish organisations such as HIAS and World Jewish Relief also provide global or international support to refugees.

CLICK HERE to download a list of organisations working to support refugees and asylum seekers around the world.

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Past campaign resources

  • Tu Bishvat resource, exploring the impact of climate change on forced displacement. Download a PDF copy here. (January 2021).

  • Purim resource, which addresses five common myths and misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers. Download a PDF copy here. (February 2021)

  • Passover Haggadah supplement, reflecting on the parallels between the exodus and the journeys of refugees. Download a PDF copy here. (March/April 2021)