# Lift The Ban

Imagine you are a pharmacist in a country torn apart by conflict. You passed all your exams and started working. But then the government of your country changed and you started to face persecution. You have to leave your job and flee to another country; one you consider 'safe'.

Once there you claim asylum. Then you wait.

Whilst you are waiting for your claim to be heard, you receive £5.39 per day to live on.

You continue to wait.

Six months have now passed and you are finding it hard to make ends meet.

What can you do to help your situation? Your new country is short of pharmacists, and you apply decide to try to get a job to give you more money to live on and restore your lost dignity.

Ah, but there's a problem. Your new country doesn't allow asylum seekers to work. They would rather pay you £5.39 per day in benefits than to allow you work, and therefore pay taxes.

Unfortunately, this is the situation facing 10,000 asylum seekers in the UK today.

Together with a coalition of 90 other organisations, we are calling on the government to 'lift the ban' and allow asylum seekers to work if their claims have not been settled within six months.