#Jews Together With Refugees

Campaign update, April 2022

Devastatingly and distressingly, the cruel and draconian National and Borders Bill has now passed through parliament, and will become law.

Over the last nine months, our community has made clear that its appalling measures cannot be in our name. Thank you to all of you who have joined in campaigning with us, and hundreds of other organisations, to try to stop this shameful legislation.

Despite this set back, we will not be deterred from working both inside and outside our community to create a different environment for asylum seekers and refugees: one which supports people fleeing persecution and conflict, not punishes them.

We will call on you to help us in this fight, and will update this page soon with actions you can take to defend refugee rights in the UK. 


Why we stand against the 'Anti-refugee Bill'

Proposals in the government's cruel Nationality and Borders Bill mark the most serious assault on refugee rights in the UK in decades.

Its cruel plans would create a two-tier asylum systemrestrict the rights of many refugees arriving outside of official routes and enable offshore asylum processing.

As a community with a history of seeking refuge, we must make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear.

The terrible and horrific scenes witnessed in Ukraine, following Russia's invasion, have further underlined the critical need to provide safe routes for those fleeing violence and tyranny. 

But under the bill's appalling proposals, any refugees taking dangerous, 'irregular' journeys to the UK, including Ukrainians, would be criminalized.

If the Government is serious about protecting refugees fleeing from conflict and persecution, it must act and rethink this shameful legislation.

Campaign updates

  • Over 250 rabbis and members of the community signed our open letter, urging the government to abandon its cruel plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, and to rethink the Borders Bill's shameful plans. 

  • More than 40 rabbis and communal organisations joined with JCORE, to tell the government that the bill's cruel proposals cannot be in our name.

  • JCORE Executive Director Dr Edie Friedman joins more than 1,000 UK faith leaders, in urging Boris Johnson to amend the bill and to not close the door to refugees.

  • Read our Executive Director, Dr Edie Friedman's, letter to all Jewish peers, calling for them to speak in favour of key amendments at House of Lords Committee stage. (27th January 2021)

  • 28 rabbis from across the community have joined with JCORE, to tell the Home Secretary that the bill's punitive measures are not in our name. (7th December 2021)

  • Read our Executive Director, Dr Edie Friedman's, letter to all Jewish MPs, urging them to oppose the bill. (6th December 2021)

  • Read our joint statement with the Board of Deputies, Rene Cassin and World Jewish Relief, in response to the Bill (2nd August 2021)

  • Over 40 Jewish lawyers joined with JCORE, to call for protection for refugees (July 2021)

  • Read JCORE's response to the New Plan for Immigration consultation (May 2021)

Catch up with press coverage of our campaign against the bill on our 'In the News' page.

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