Fundraising Ideas

Providing basic necessities Want to raise money? Stuck for ideas on how to get fundraising? Look no further – our fundraising ideas pages are full of inspiration to help you fundraise for JCORE! 

Bake Sales

Eating cake and biscuits could help raise funds to provide vital food aid. Raising just £25 could provide food supplies to feed a family in the Dunkirk Grande-Synthe camp.

Bake Sales Tips

  • Choose a suitable date, time and place - maybe in your office or in your road. 

  • Send out emails and text message reminders a week before. 

  • Ask Supermarkets to donate ingredients

  • Bake bake bake, Sell sell sell! If you're super busy you can always buy ready made (we won't tell anyone!)

Dinner Party 

Ever have friends over for a take-away, a few drinks and a movie? Why not cook instead and ask your friends to donate what they would have spent on take-away. Just £80 supports a JUMP befriending pair for a month.

Dinner Party Tips

  • Use coupons and vouchers to pick up cheap ingredients

  • Cook your speciality dish (or if you don't fancy doing all the cooking alone, ask guests to bring a dish each)

Sponsored Event


Whether its running, biking or even staying silent - there's loads of events for you to participate in to have some fun and raise money for a good cause.

Sponsored Event tips

  • Set up a BT MyDonate page

  • Print sponsorship forms and take them with you wherever you go

  • Ask for sponsorship using social media, email or in person.

  • Update your online sponsorship page and send an email to sponsors after the event. It’s important to let people know how it went and say thank you.