Anti-Racism Activism Fellowship 

*Registration for the JCORE Anti-Racism Activism Fellowship is currently closed, please check back in May for information on next year's program* 








The JCORE Anti-Racism Activism Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for young people passionate about social and racial justice. Over the course of the 9-month programme, participants will take part in learning about key moments from anti-racist movement history as well as the struggles of different communities today. Participants will also receive training and support to campaign on race and asylum issues, as well opportunities to network with activists from a range of different organisations and communities. 

Who is the Fellowship for? 

Young adults between the ages of 18-25 committed to JCORE's vision of building a Jewish voice for racial equality and justice for refugees. 

Where is the Fellowship based? 

In and around London. 

What does participation require?

1. 9 monthly seminars over the course of the year. 

2. Setting up a campaign in your community on a relevant topic (this may involve setting up speaker events, engaging in lobbying  decision makers etc.) 

3. Becoming a JCORE ambassador; leading on educational activities, writing about your experiences. 

What do participants receive?

1. An opportunity to experience campaigning with a longstanding Jewish anti-racism organisation. 

2. Transferable skills that you can put on your CV relating to campaigning, leadership and networking. 

3. Unique learning opportunities on anti-racist/anti-fascist history in the UK as well as the struggles of a diverse range of communities. 

4. Opportunities to lead on building a Jewish response to racism and injustice in the UK. 

Recruitment process

Although this programme has started, there are still a few spaces left. Please email Rob at if you would like to get involved.


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If successful, there is a £75 programme fee for participants. However, if this price is prohibitive or you have any further queries, please be in touch via 

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