Help reunite refugee families

As you may have read, the government’s new EU Withdrawal Bill threatens to end a scheme that enables child refugees to be reunited with close relatives already in the UK—sometimes their only surviving family members. Refugee charities have greeted the news with dismay.

The bill proposes to replace the right for family reunion with a 'requirement for a minister to make a statement' on the issue. This wording, at best vague, offers no safeguard at all. It will not stop desperate youngsters from trying to reach their loved ones in Britain, but will most likely make them take increasingly dangerous routes to do so.

It is crucial that we make the government aware of the strength of feeling about this issue within the Jewish community, and voice our profound concern at its cruel targeting of children and breaking up of families.

Update: 15th January 2020


The bill is due to be debated in the House of Lords on Monday or Tuesday next week (20th or 21st January). 


1. Write to members of the House of Lords  and ask them to protect the right to family reunion.

> Please feel free to download and adapt this sample letter.  

Click here to find contact details for members of the Lords.

> If you get a reply, please let us know what they say!

2. Sign our petition to make your sure our voice is heard. 

* Many thanks to our colleagues at Safe Passage on whose letter our sample letter is based.