Bringing Jewish Values to the Ballot Box


With canvassing well underway for the Local Elections on 5th May, now is the time to find out what your local candidates think about race and asylum issues, and what they plan to do if elected.

Take action today

When candidate knock on your door, or appear at a local street stall or hustings, ask them these three questions:

  • What will you do to ensure that Afghan and Ukrainian refugees are welcomed into your borough? And how will you specifically engage with voluntary organisations, to ensure services and support for these communities are well organised and publicised?

  • What actions will you take to support already marginalised and disadvantaged communities, including refugees and asylum seekers, through the cost of living crisis?

  • What practical ideas do you have for bringing together the area’s diverse communities, both faith and secular, to foster better relations between them?


Click here to download these questions as a PDF.