Coronavirus Emergency appeal

The pandemic has created extra hardship for the most vulnerable groups in society, not least refugees and asylum seekers. And some of those hardest hit are young refugees here on their own. Many rely on food banks, which have had to close or reduce their services, and all of them face increased loneliness anddestitution.


JUMP befriends young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK without

their parents. It's a vital lifeline at the best of times, and now that other channels are closed, it's needed more than ever.


Can you help us provide the three items our young people most need


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What? WiFi dongles and additional data


Why?  To keep isolated young refugees in contact with their friends and up to date with the latest coronavirus guidance.

How much? £15 buys a WiFi dongle and data for a month.

What? Basic food and provisions.


Why?  To supplement the reduced services currently provided by food banks.


How much?: £30 helps towards buying vulnerable young people food and meals for one week.


What? Second-hand laptops  


Why? So that young people can remain engaged with their education while schools and colleges are closed.  

 How much? £70 buys a second hand laptop, to ensure young asylum seekers can access the same academic resources as their peers.


Ways to donate:

1. Click here to donate online


2. Call our DONATIONS HOTLINE on 020 8090 2045

(open 9am to 8pm Sunday to Thursday and 9am-3pm on Friday. Closed over Passover).

Note that the priority beneficiaries of this appeal will be young people on our JUMP befriending scheme. Any additional donations will be spent on other areas of our work, as needed.