Coats 4 Calais

In Northern France over 3,000 refugees are currently sleeping rough. Temperatures are rapidly dropping and police actions and evictions are worse than ever. Some are as young as 13 and have no access to clean clothes, water or shelter. 

The charity Care4Calais this year aims to provide each and every one of these refugees with a warm winter coat and we want to help them to achieve their ambitious aim. To do this we urgently need your help.

​As the winter becomes more severe, this situation is fast becoming an emergency. Last year, with your help we were able to raise £500 to buy much needed winter clothes. This year, with the eyes of the world dealing with Covid, the need is even greater.

Just £15 buys a new winter coat for a refugee in Northern France or the UK.

Please donate now (or complete the form below) and make a real difference to refugees stranded this winter.

Note that up to 12.5% of your donation will be put towards JCORE's running costs.