In response to calls for racial justice on both sides of the Atlantic, JCORE has produced a list of ten suggested actions for the Jewish community in Britain.


These include calling out and reporting racism; teaching Jewish children about Black history and experience; and backing the campaigns for justice for Windrush victims and for a memorial to victims of the slave trade.  


Below are some steps we can all take to help combat racism.

 1. Call out and report racism
 2. Listen to black voices
 3. Ensure communal spaces are safe and inclusive for Jews of Colour
 4. Teach Jewish children about black history and experience 
 5. Take action in your workplace
 6. Back the camp
aign for a slavery memorial
 7. Campaign for justice for Windrush victims
 8. Campaign against child poverty
 9. Advocate for greater refugee and asylum rights
10. Continue to support refugees and asylum seekers.

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