Who we are and what we do

Since 1976, JCORE has worked both inside and outside the Jewish community to provide a Jewish voice on Race and Asylum issues.

We work to engage the Jewish Community in social action in the wider society, focusing on race equality and justice for refugees and asylum seekers. Our work draws on Jewish refugee experience, teaching and tradition of Jewish social activism.

​We work in three main areas:

  • Education on race and asylum issues;

  • Campaigning and practical support for refugees and asylum seekers;

  • Black / Asian / Jewish dialogue.

What we believe

• a concern for social justice should be an integral part of Jewish identity and interaction with the rest of society

• the Jewish community needs to speak out against racism because, as Jews, we know what happens when others stand by and do nothing

• working with other communities is the best way to tackle prejudice and discrimination.

What makes us unique

• We help Jewish children see the connection between their Jewish identity and combating racism,

• We are the only Jewish anti-racism organisation that makes explicit the connection between racism and attitudes to asylum,

• We lead the way in activating the Jewish community to play a significant role in the wider community,

• We lead the way in consistently providing a much valued Jewish presence to mainstream organisations and campaigns.

What we've done

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